Welding optimization: New ways of improvement

At INEXSE we are dealing with a wide range of industries, materials, service conditions and constraints. It’s often stunning to see how clustered research and industries in our trade are, leaving untapped reservoir of improvement for productivity, combined properties, repair method in difficult conditions, …

For instance, mechanical and corrosion properties are difficult to combine. Often, welding, as it is really performed on production or on-site conditions could jeopardize the performance on both fields, even if done according to standards. Overcoming these difficulties is requiring a holistic approach.

As a matter of fact, most of welding standards and codes have been written for carbon steels, few for austenitic stainless steels or other than iron based or mixed structures, complex compositions, … In most of specific cases, the usual requirements and inspection schemes are not appropriate to ensure the structural integrity and to get the requested properties. And it’s a waste and a high risk at the same time.

We are developing solutions based on our hands on experience, state of the Art and scientific and technical last leaps. Following studies, we are developing processes and optimizations, testing them, validating them, and then implementing them for our clients.

“L’heure de la fin des découvertes ne sonne jamais.” Colette.

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