Our Solutions for: Products or Construction Conformity, Claims and Dispute

Products or Construction Conformity, Claims and Dispute


On the process of products or Construction delivery, from manufacturing to Operation & Maintenance; suppliers or end users may face accident, failures, subcontractor bad workmanship, inspection and conformity conflicts about specification and standards interpretation… The occurrence of such prejudices may lead to important delay and losses.


In order to provide effective condition survey or baseline study we are combining the following actions:

  • Review and analysis of documentation, design, environmental condition, processes…
  • Inspection onsite
  • Scientific and technical survey, based on the elements above, State of the Art, literature, standards, local constraints based on our local experience, …, in order to establish:
    • Root cause analysis
    • Responsibilities
    • Mitigating options
  • Mitigating action organization, management, follow up or direct implementation.
  • Assistance to negotiation with clients, insurance companies, suppliers, …:
    • Counselling and assistance
    • Technical and scientific documents writing
    • Inspection in the presence of both parties
    • Meeting attendance, for technical and scientific explanations, discussions and client interests’ defense.
    • Third Party Inspection and follow up in order to prevent any further damage

Main Benefits for Client

Access to a complete expertise and inspection involving a multidiscipline team able to act at each level of the case. A local and multicultural experience is helping to implement the best strategy to reduce the financial impact and delay.

Typical Cases Achieved

O&G industry, Middle East / India: Due to a specific environment on a storage area in India, a batch of 1,500 pipes for O&G Industry was rejected by the Inspection body mandated by the final user. INEXSE performed a root cause analysis and evaluated the fitness for service of the affected pipes. We wrote a reparation and rejection procedure in accordance with the specification and fit for purpose. A demonstration has been made onsite for validation. After negotiation with the Inspection Body and presentation of these elements to final client the solution has been accepted. The batch of pipes delivery could restart. We supported our client during his negotiation with his insurance to obtain compensation.

O&G industry, Middle East: Following the misunderstanding of a specification; 7,000 pipes were rejected due to the interpretation of surface imperfections as flows. INEXSE demonstrated the error and performed the necessary fitness for service survey and tests to prove the products’ integrity. An inspection and surface imperfections removal procedure has been written and implemented by our means. The solution has been accepted as well as the products.

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