About us

INEXSE, is a Limited Liability Company registered in France with Licensed local representatives in Middle East and Asia.

We are solving scientific and technical problems for industries and doing Technology and Know-How transfer. Our structure and experience allow us to develop our methods in short delay in multicultural environments.

Expertise & Investigating Engineering

We find solutions within the shorter time frame, to confront contractors & subcontractors to their duties, to build up technically claims and insurance cases files, …

Our local & International experiences allow us to assist you or take full responsibility of a project.

Construction & Maintenance

During Construction, we are supervising fabrication and assembly, solving technical problems. Our core competencies are structure, material and welding, corrosion, mechanic. During Operations, we are doing repair, troubleshooting, assistance to maintenance.

We can design and build or reengineer and modify equipment or installations, maintenance tools and workshops, …

Training & Education

With our scientific and technical background and our experience of multicultural environments we are developing solutions for Operational Technology and Know-How transfer.

We can design, develop, supply and operate laboratories, workshop and training centers.

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Original design emphasis simplicity, reliability and ergonomic

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