Breakdown emergency investigation and repair

Bearing breackdown


All industries are confronted to unexpected failure and breakdown of critical equipment. At commissioning or Operation & Maintenance stages, failures and dysfunctions are involving general or specific damage mechanisms such as corrosion, vibrations, unexpected extreme temperature conditions, overload, pollution, wear, consequences of bad workmanship…


In order to solve as fast as possible the problem, we are combining the following actions:

  • Review and analysis of facts, documentation …
  • Inspection onsite that may include:
    • Visual Inspection
    • Nondestructive tests
    • Positive material identification
    • Sampling and testing,
  • Scientific and technical survey to provide:
    • Root cause analysis
    • Mitigating options
  • Mitigating action management or direct implementation: Repair, spare parts supply or fabrication, modification, …
  • Implementation and follow up of long-term solutions to prevent further damage occurrence, enhance lifespan and reliability

Main Benefits for Client

Access to a complete service involving multidiscipline topics and hands-on experienced from investigation to repair. A fast mobilization as well as parallel realization of tasks combined with our local experience are helping to get a solution as fast as possible to reduce unavailability of equipment or plant and reduce the financial impact of the failure or dysfunction.

Typical Cases Achieved

Water industry, Middle East: Due to presence of a higher level of H2S than expected, bad workmanship and higher duty than designed for a plant was facing fast and important damages and failures. After inspection and survey; our client was able to take immediate measures to reduce the consequences and avoid shutdown. Our conclusions were used to obtain compensations from subcontractors for bad workmanship and use of wrong materials and procedures.

O&G industry, Middle East: Due to poor workmanship and heavy duty, a fatigue crack occurred on a critical equipment leading to the shutdown of a complete unit. After the failure analysis, we determined the root cause and provided the reparation procedure and executed it onsite to reduce the shutdown time.

Land Vehicles Industry, Middle East, hydro-pneumatic device damage: During a maintenance operation a notch has been made on the device body that was then unfit for purpose. After investigation and taking a sample to characterize the material, we conclude that a repair by welding was possible. We wrote the procedure and made the repair on site.

Water industry, Middle East: At commissioning, large high-pressure pumps were breaking down stopping all operations. After investigation, we found a misconception on the lubrication system and repair some of the pumps before the manufacturer can send a team.

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