Our Solutions for: Assets Corrosion & Inspection Management

RBI Chart


Facilities and Utilities Companies need to manage the degradation phenomena of their assets in order to improve the availability and efficiency of their facilities as well as to reduce the financial risks and future maintenance costs.


In order to implement effective Management for Corrosion and Inspection we are combining the following actions:

Preparation stage

  • Review and analysis of documentation, design, environmental condition, processes…
  • Inspection onsite
  • Scientific and Technical survey, based on the elements above, State of the Art, literature, standards, local constraints based on our local experience, …, in order to establish:
    • Lifespan evaluation
    • Operating windows
    • Mitigating options in case of failure, potential failure or damage
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study

Implementation stage

  • Risk Based Inspection management system (RBI)
  • Integration in the management system.
  • Training and mentoring of maintenance personnel including:
    • Corrosion maintenance training
    • Software training
    • On the job training
    • Onsite inspection

Follow up Stage

  • Periodic Inspections
  • Assistance to Maintenance and Inspection Team
  • Specific case study, mitigating actions, …

Main Benefits for Clients

Access to a complete expertise and inspection involving a multidiscipline team able to act at each level of the case. A local and multicultural experience is helping to transfer the best and most adapted practice.

Typical Case Achieved

Water industry, Middle East: After a complete baseline study, a Risk Based Inspection tool has been implemented to manage the assets condition. After 3 years of operation, the system has helped to anticipate failure or dysfunction and then to reduce unavailability of equipment and financial costs. The integration of corrosion management is helping the plant management to forecast and schedule operation and maintenance as well as having a clear overview through key indicators.

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