Our Solutions for: Offset duties and Transfer of know-how

Offset duties and Transfer of know-how


International companies are facing either offset duties or inadequate local supporting structures. Enhancing the scientific and technologic environment locally is an answer and is demonstrating social and sustainable development corporate values.


In order to develop or enhance such as laboratories, scientific, technical R&D and education organizations; we are combining:

  • Collection and analysis of needs, local context, specific elements…
  • Project survey, State of the Art, standards, local constraints based on our local experience as well as our client experience and needs, in order to establish:
    • The gap between the situation and the needs
    • A project definition
    • An execution plan
  • Delivery of bespoke consultancy that can include:
    • Project Management and Consultancy
    • Technical and scientific studies
    • Facilities general layout
    • Structure organization, documentation management.
    • Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning monitoring and assistance
    • Scientific and technical consultancy and mentoring
    • Education, Training, On-the-Job Training
    • Development of R&D program
  • Assistance to negotiation and integration with international organizations such as Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, Professional Associations, Standardization Organization, ..

Main Benefits for Client

Access to a complete service involving a multidiscipline team able to act at each level of the enhancement process. A local and multicultural experience is helping to implement appropriate solutions leading to enhance the local capacity to deliver.

Typical Case Achieved

Defense Industry, Middle East: From October 2011 to October 2013, INEXSE delivered a program of technology and know-how transfer for the Ministry of Environment. This project was designed to upgrade 6 laboratories (Environment, Agriculture, Veterinary, Metrology & Legal, Electrical Appliances and Building Materials). With the management system implemented with the laboratories’ teams as well as the achievement on the teams’ skills allowed the laboratories to apply for ISO 17025 accreditation. INEXSE’s action was extended to the discussion with a European Accreditation Body to lead the laboratories ahead on the way to International Recognition. INEXSE mobilized on this project a team made up of a project manager, two laboratory management experts, 11 scientific and technical experts and trainers, 2 technical writers and a project assistant.

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