Our Solutions for: Facilities and Assets Condition Survey and Inspection

Facilities and Assets Condition Survey and Inspection



Facilities and Utilities Companies contracting on BOT or Concession need to evaluate precisely the conditions of the assets they are taking over or building in order to: evaluate financial risks and future maintenance costs, secure end of contract hand over, and ensure design and specification compliance.


In order to provide effective condition survey or baseline study we combine the following actions:

  • Review and analysis of documentation, design, environmental condition, processes…
  • Inspection onsite that may include:
    • Visual Inspection
    • Nondestructive tests
    • Positive material identification
    • Chemical analysis, …
  • Scientific and technical survey, based on the elements above, State of the Art, literature, standards, local constraints based on our local experience, …, in order to establish:
    • Lifespan evaluation
    • Operating windows
    • Mitigating options in case of failure, potential failure or damage
    • Maintenance costs
  • Assistance to negotiation with clients, insurance companies, suppliers…
    • Counselling and assistance
    • Technical and scientific documents writing
    • Inspection in the presence of both parties
    • Meeting attendance, for technical and scientific explanations, discussions and client interests’ defense.
  • Third Party Inspection and follow up in order to prevent bad workmanship, material and procedure compliance with design and specification.

Main Benefits for Clients

Access to a complete expertise and inspection involving a multidiscipline team able to act at each level of the case. A local and multicultural experience is helping to implement the best strategy to reduce the financial impact and delay.

Typical Case Achieved

Water industry and Cooling District, Middle East: Due to bad workmanship and mismatch of materials the plant was facing fast and important corrosion damages and failures. After inspection and survey; our clients were able to take immediate measures to reduce the consequences and avoid shutdown. Our conclusions were used to obtain compensations from subcontractors for bad workmanship and use of wrong materials and procedures.

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