Design, supply & installation of equipment

Balancing machine


Maintenance or workshop facilities supply, commissioning and operation far from headquarters can be delayed and compromised by local specific constraints. It can be difficult and costly to anticipate and mitigate local shortage for supplies, different industrial regulations and standards, lower quality of workmanship, specific engineering constraints such as geological or climatic, even cultural differences…


To offer a fast and cost- effective solution, yet reliable and valuable for its purpose, we go through these stages with our clients:

  • Review and analysis of specifications, constraints and issues
  • Solutions proposal and review:
    • To address technical constraints
    • Feasible and sustainable in the local environment
    • Discussed with end users
    • Compliant with local regulation and standards
    • CE certification if required
    • …
  • Design or redesign including:
    • General arrangement
    • Calculations and validations
    • Detailed engineering
  • Supply including:
    • Local and European supplies, On site fabrication
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and Operation & Maintenance assistance

Main Benefits for Client

Access to a complete service from design to O&M assistance through a company having 10 years of hands-on industrial experience abroad. Consulting and Contracting with in house capabilities and integration of local subcontractors.

Typical Cases Achieved

Aerospace Industry, Middle East, balancing workshop: Due to structural and foundation weakness, traditional on concrete imbedded block machine sealing was not possible. We proposed, designed, calculated validated and fabricated a solution risk free for the building and installed the full workshop.

Land Vehicles Industry, Middle East, overhauling workshop: Re-design, design and local fabrication of specific workshop equipment, including lifting equipment with CE certification.

Aerospace Industry, Middle East, Engine workshop: Due to architectural constraints, lifting capabilities were difficult to design and install in a limited volume. We designed, supplied, fabricated and installed an overhead crane able to be assembled and operate despite the constraints; compliant with CE and local regulations.

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