Our Solutions for: Nationalization of jobs, development of local workforce

Nationalization of jobs development of local workforce


International companies are facing either nationalization of job duty or simply scarcity of local skilled workforce. The challenge is often on the technical and industrial skills to achieve the objectives.


In order to develop adequately the workforce and achieve the objectives; we are combining the following actions:

  • Review and analysis of organization, positions, profiles…
  • Interview that may include:
    • HR, Operations & Maintenance, Technical Managers, …
    • Employees evaluation
    • Potential employees’ evaluation
  • Training and know-how transfer survey, based on the elements above, State of the Art, standards, local constraints based on our local experience as well as our client experience, …, in order to establish:
    • The gap between initial employees’ evaluation the situation and the needs
    • A know-how transfer scheme including an evaluation and assessment plan
    • A training and On-the-Job training plan
  • Delivery of bespoke training:
    • Basics and advance on sciences, technics and industry practice
    • Industrial training oriented on specific skills (Mechanics, Operation, Electricity, Instrumentation, …)
    • On-the-Job Training
    • Mentoring
  • If the development of a center with facilities, we can do:
    • Feasibility study and Business plan
    • General layout
    • Organization scheme, HR requirement
    • Delivery of documentation (Training materials, Quality System, …)
    • Provide Project Management and Consultancy
    • Operation and management
    • Delivery of training

Main Benefits for Client

Access to a complete service involving a multidiscipline team able to act at each level of the skills enhancement process. A local and multicultural experience is helping to get an appropriate solution giving results on the job, skills oriented and not certificates oriented.

Typical Case Achieved

O&G offshore Industry, Middle East: Design and implementation of Personal Development Program for Mechanical Supervisor Position. This bespoke continuous education program was built to give the necessary industrial knowledge as well as to mentor the personnel on the job for practice. For our client it contributed to nationalization obligation, enhanced the local corporate image, and initiated the competencies enhancement and stepping up of nationals in the company.

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