The virtues of the “good old fashion way” and “Trick from the Trade”

Troubleshooting and maintenance don’t proceed as per the same scheme as design or construction. Intuition, reverse thinking, ability to compose with complexity and constraints, fast validation, …, are then more required. And it’s coming from a strong and long practical experience.

It’s a lost Art…

At commissioning or Operation & Maintenance stages, when an unanticipated technical issue is jeopardizing the whole process scheme, a solution must be found quickly to avoid repair costs and production losses. Most of time, under pressure, maintenance teams are coming up with shortcuts, potentially leading to failure weeks, months or years after…

We have been confronted to cases like this, especially when delicate materials are involved, such as Super Duplex Stainless Steel, when vibrations occurred despite all design studies, when corrosion appears despite all predictions, when mechanical failure are happening despite all monitoring…

Then, our boots on the ground approach, our experience, and our ability to combine state of the Art engineering, good old fashion way and trick from the trade made us able to find and implement effective solutions for maintenance as for emergencies.

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