HVAC Units Troubleshooting in challenging environment

HVAC units can be challenging to service and troubleshoot especially when they are used in mobility systems. Difficult access, limited time for intervention, handling refrigerant gas in confined spaces, brazing in difficult positions, … Mitigating fire, gas and HSE risks in such environment is requiring HSE preparation and procedures, highly skilled professional mastering the trade cautiously and tidily.

Our team is mixing high level hands-on skills as well as project management and engineering expertise, with the best equipment packaged to be ready to go anywhere anytime to do:

  • Investigation, diagnostic, all parts replacement, or repair.
  • Leak detection (refrigerant, seal duct, …).
  • Gas and oil replacement or adjustment.
  • Circuit cleaning, vacuuming, filling.
  • Filter drier replacement.
  • Compressor or exchanger repair or replacement.
  • Repair by brazing.
  • Tubing repair or modification.
  • Modification to mitigate malfunction, lack of efficiency or reliability.
  • Verification of electric control sequence and adjustment.
  • ….

In this case, we managed the troubleshooting of 70 HVAC units, 24kW cooling capacity, embedded under the floor and above the ceiling, in suspended passengers’ compartments

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