A multidisciplinary and multicultural team:

Corrosion and RBI

Senior Expert: MSc. in Electrochemistry, French, 41 years of experience in Refineries Petrochemical Industries and Pharmacology Industries.

Senior Expert: Chemistry, MSc. in Material, Canadian, 28 years of experience in Refineries, Power & Water, Petrochemical Industries.

Senior Expert: PhD in Corrosion Science and Engineering, University of Manchester, Malaysian, Chinese speaker, 15 years of experience in Corrosion.

Mechanical, Materials Welding and Inspection

Expert: MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, International Welding Certificate, French, 17 years of experience for all kind of Industries.

Senior Inspector: BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Filipino, 37 years of experience in Inspection, NDT for O&G, and Petrochemical Industries.

Laboratory Expertise

Laboratory Technical & Management Expert: Ph.D. in Metallurgy Engineering, Environment Protection Technology, B.Sc. in Chemistry, Greek, 20 years of experienced in Water supply & Sewerage, Researcher & Trainer on ISO 17025 (Test Laboratories) and ISO 19011 (Internal audits).

Environment & Agriculture Laboratories Expert: Master’s Degree in Biochemistry and Certificate of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, French, 22years of experience in Lab manager, Assessor, Audit Manager and Trainer for ISO 17025).

Veterinarian Laboratory Expert: MSc in Risk Management, Ph.D in Biology, French, Arabic speaker, 17years experience in Lab Analysis, specialized an expertise in Biology, immunology, virology, bacteriology, molecular biology and Technical Expert ISO9001 & Quality Control Manager for17025.

Veterinarian Laboratory Expert :MSc Food Regulatory Affairs and Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Degree, Greek, 7 years’ experience in food control and trainings in  ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 9001:2008.

Asphalt Consultant: Ph. D. in Civil Engineering, MSc in Civil Engineering, BSc in Civil Engineering Major Geotechnical, French, Arabic speaker, 20 years’ experience in aggregates, cements, concrete, bitumen asphalt mixes, Management of accreditation laboratories in accordance with ISO 9001.

Building Materials Expert: Ph.D. in Mechanics (of Materials), Master in Mechanics & Engineering and Civil Engineer Degree, French, Arabic speaker, 10years experienced in design and characterization of construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, mixes aggregates.

Quality Health & Safety Environment (QHSE Expert): MSc in food Science and Technology, French, 18 years’ experience in Food safety HACCP analysis and implementation and trainings in ISO 9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, HACCP& ISO22 000.

Chemistry Expert: Ph.D. in Chemistry (analysis, polymer, environment), MSc. in Organic and Analytical chemistry, French, 13years of experience in Chemistry & Research Science.

Project Manager: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, French, 14years experience as project manager, trainer and auditor ISO 9001 and management system implementation for ISO 17025.

Sr. Architect & Interior Designer: Certified Architect, Filipino, 10years experience and specialist for Laboratory & Training Facilities Design.


Our Administrative and Operational Team members, are all experienced and specifically trained, managing along the processes, all the logistic, insurance, administrative or technical writing aspects in order to insure the full success of our services and the achievement of our commitments.

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