Provide Integrated Expertise & Services through Consultancy, Training and Technology Know-How

 Expertise & Problem Solving


  • Failure investigation
  • Vibrations analysis
  • Corrosion expertise
  • Material and welding
  • Harmonics on electric power system
  • Scientific calculation

Solutions Proposal

  • Fitness for Service
  • Calculation and re-design
  • Optimization of service lifespan of equipment
  • Rehabilitation after accident
  • Cathodic Protection

Project Management and Implementation

  • Management of solutions implementation,
  • Testing, Non Destructive Testing
  • Management of subcontractors
  • Fitting, welding, reparation, …



Asset Integrity Management

  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)survey, study and implementation
  • Corrosion reliability survey
  • Material and welding assistance, inspection and QA/QC
  • Fitness for services

Engineering, Design & Maintenance

  • Mechanism and Structure Design / Re-Design
  • Scientific Calculation, including fluids, FEM…
  • Codes and Standards compliance verification
  • Maintenance and Overhauling


  • Compliance with ISO 17025
  • Project Management for accreditation
  • Equipment and Laboratory Design
  • Technical and Scientific Expertise


Training & Education

Conferences & Workshops

  • Essential of Asset Integrity
  • Essential of Material & Welding
  • Essential of Non Destructive Testing
  • Internal Quality Auditor
  • Essential of ISO 17025
  • Risk prevention

Vocational Training

  • Customized training and On the Job Training for all Publics.
  • Training center design
  • Training and education project Management and Consultancy

Science & Technology

  • Scientific and Technical information and survey
  • Intermediation with Universities and Scientific and Technology Organizations
  • Research, Development and Education Project Management


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